Internationally Renowned French Artists to Re-Imagine Penrith as a City of the Future


SYDNEY.- The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) announced that Penrith City Council has signalled the green light for an unprecedented collaboration with contemporary artists in Western Sydney. Internationally renowned French art collective, Campement Urbain, has been commissioned to draw up a proposal which would re-imagine Penrith as a showcase for urban renewal and sustainable living. To be called The Future of Penrith / Penrith of the Future, the collaborative project will help to guide Penrith Council in shaping its ideal vision of the city as a progressive, innovatively-designed urban centre. The project will begin with an intensive period of collaboration and community consultation, from which the artists will draft their recommendations for a preferred future for Penrith. Using existing and new research, the artists will propose an area of cultural and social importance for the city, comprising indoor and outdoor areas that