Increasing Interest in Rare, Oriental Carpets Continues Unabated Among Art Collectors


OAKLAND, CA.- On February 7, Jan David Winitz, founder and president of Claremont Rug Company, cited three major developments in the market for 19th century, art-level Oriental rugs as indicative of collectors’ rising interest in this emerging niche of the art world. “We may well be at the beginning of a decade-long emergence of the antique rug market as an important force in the collection world,” he said. Winitz pointed to three major results-based observations: • The steady increase in inquiries via the Internet about “best of the best” rugs • The continued impact of multiple-rug purchases for private collections or “whole home projects” and • The re-emergence of collectors who had put acquisitions on hold for the past two years. “We recently reported that, despite the global recession, 2010 was among the best in our 30 years in business,” he said. “We