In Process: Most Ambitious Art Installation Ever Attempted at Monterey Museum of Art


MONTEREY, CA.- “This is the most complex installation we’ve ever attempted at the Museum,” says Monterey Museum of Art Chief Curator Marcelle Polednik of the execution of artist Ingrid Calame’s site-specific wall drawing at the Monterey Museum of Art-La Mirada. The MMA’s new exhibition season opens Saturday, October 30, 2010 and it’s all-hands-on-deck to complete the work. A preview party with Ingrid Calame will be held Friday, October 29th, 6-8 pm. Ingrid Calame a premier contemporary artist created the large-scale, site-specific drawing that will exist for the duration of the exhibition, after which it will be painted over. She completed the drawing on sheets of paper pricked with tiny holes (cartoons). The paper was then attached to the gallery walls and “pounced” (beaten on the paper by hand) with dry pigment. The holes in the paper permit the pigment to seep through, thereby tra