"In His Sixth Decade ~ Prints by Peter Milton" at Jane Haslem Gallery in Washington D.C.

artwork: Peter Milton - "Dress Rehearsal", 2009 - Digital print - 17" x 27". Edition 90. Image courtesy of the Jane Haslem Gallery © the artist. On view as part of "In His Sixth Decade: Prints by Peter Milton" at the Jane Haslem Gallery.

Washington D.C.- The Jane Haslem Gallery is pleased to present “In His Sixth Decade: Prints by Peter Milton” until June 30th. Peter Milton is now in his sixth decade as an artist. His most recent prints, which embrace digitally produced imagery, have sent him in another new and perhaps unexpected direction. These new prints are more luminous and three dimensional. Proving, once again, that Milton continues to reinvent himself by pushing his art to another level of visual experience.