Imperial War Museum North Exhibits a New Sculpture by Renowned Contemporary Artist Gerry Judah


MANCHESTER.- The huge work of art is the first exhibit visitors will see on entering the Museum’s Main Exhibition Space. Gerry Judah’s new piece, entitled The Crusader, has been created in direct response to contemporary global conflict. It reflects on modern day wars but also resonates with the history of world conflict, showing how war has and continues to shape lives. This makes it a powerful and thought-provoking piece at Remembrance. This striking, snow white sculpture comprises a seven metre, three-dimensional structure covered with a web of war torn buildings. The setting in Imperial War Museum North’s landmark building – designed to represent a globe shattered by conflict – is fitting as Judah’s work is a reaction to the Museum’s architecture, as well as its and themes of war and conflict. The Crusader is the culmination of five years of engagement with conflict in which Judah has create