Image of Cape Town’s ‘District Six’ Madein Fear by Leading Black Artists for Sale at Bonhams


LONDON.-“Enfolded in his loneliness as in an ­African blanket. One of the zombies apartheid has let loose upon the world, wandering ghost, sad and ­terrifying dreamer.” Andre Brink, `A Fork in the Road.’ A stunning picture of Cape Town’s District Six by Gerard Sekoto (1913-1993), South Africa’s greatest black artist, sketched rapidly and fearfully, is set to make £200,000 to £300,000 at Bonhams sale of South African Art in London on March 23. The oil painting titled `Yellow Houses, District Six’ was produced in its earliest sketch form while the artist was on tenterhooks. Sekoto writes: “Although much of the time I would feel scared to enter too deep into the most dangerous seeming hide-outs of District Six, I hovered within arm’s length, observing and making sketches in a very acrobatic style. This meant making quick sketches in such a manner that an observer would imagine I was noting down some