Illuminating Design’s Impact on Society: ‘Unpacking the Nano’ at Cornell’s Johnson Art Museum


ITHACA, N.Y.- Heralding the role of design in profound societal change – in this case in India, the world’s most rapidly growing economy – Cornell University presents “Unpacking the Nano,” an exhibit highlighting Tata Motors’ Nano automobile, at the university’s Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. The exhibit will run until March 27, 2011. The exhibit was planned and organized by the Cornell’s College of Art, Architecture and Planning. The show explains how it is possible to design and produce a car that sells for equivalent of $2,500. How will access to inexpensive, motorized mobility transform a society? The 1,322-pound Nano achieves 65 mph, promises safe transport and exceeds European air quality standards. Demand for the Nano is exceptionally high — more than