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Ignacio Allende Flags to be Exhibited at Palacio Nacional in Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- Historical flags seized from Ignacio Allende in 1811 and recently recovered from Spain government received homage from the Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his cabinet; he announced that the ensigns used during the Independency will be presented for the first time at Palacio Nacional, as part of the exhibition Mexico 200 años, la patria en construccion (Mexico 200 Years, the Motherland in Construction). The pair of flags known as “The Twins” was part of Museo del Ejercito de España (Army Museum) in Spain, and after a decade of research and through an agreement, INAH achieved to bring them back to Mexico. During the ceremony at Campo Militar Marte, the Federal Executive remarked that these flags will be guarded by INAH before their exhibition at Palacio Nacional. “The fact that these flags, used when the liberty