Iconic Photograph Tells Cautionary Tale at AXA Art Lounge at AIPAD


NEW YORK, N.Y.- Ask any dealer presenting fine art for sale, whether collectors conduct their purchases online, at auctions or traditional art fairs, it is inescapable, a sale is not complete unless the artwork arrives at its destination in pristine condition. AXA Art Insurance says “Expert handling and packing are critical components in preventing irreparable damage to works of art during transit”. With 60% of the company’s claims deriving from incidents due to improper handling, packing and transport conditions, the art insurance specialist is redoubling its efforts to keep collectors apprised of simple measures that can help to avert avoidable situations which often amount to substantial economic and emotional loss. AXA Art will substantiate its message at the 2011 AIPAD Photography Show New York – on display at the company’s lounge will be an iconic photograph which was shipped from an internatio