Iconic 19th Century Orientalist Painting by Jean Léon Gérôme Creates Pre-Auction Buzz


NEW YORK (REUTERS).- An iconic 19th Century painting depicting an Ottoman Empire reserve soldier and his hunting dogs is generating buzz ahead of an auction next week, due to a rise in popularity of Orientalist art. The artwork, “Master of the Hounds” by Jean Leon Gerome is expected to fetch $700,000 to $1 million on January 26, during Christie’s auction of Old Master & 19th Century paintings, drawings and watercolors that could total as much as $56 million. Gerome’s paintings and the Orientalist genre overall — which often depict Arab and North African subjects — are experiencing a revival, according to Diana Branham, a specialist in 19th Century art at Christie’s. Museums in Paris, Los Angeles and Madrid have recently featured Gerome’s work. “Part of the reason Orientalist paintings fell out of favor is that they were seen as colonialist art,” Branham explained. “Now there is a real effort to rethink these artists and se