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Ichnites Site in Coahuila Undergo Maintenance Thanks to Temporary Employment Program

GENERAL ZEPEDA, COAHUILA.- The paleontologic deposit located in General Zepeda, Coahuila, where more than 200 footprints of dinosaurs that lived 72 million years ago are conserved, is object of a cleaning and maintenance program with the support of the Temporary Employment Program (PET). Thanks to the scheme developed by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and the Secretariat of Social Development (SEDESOL), 148 million MXP have been invested on the attention of the site in Coahuila where until now, 207 footprints of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period are registered. Paleontologist Felisa Aguilar Arellano, responsible of the “Las Aguilas Dinosaur Ichnites Site” Project informed that the maintenance tasks conducted since June 2010 have focused in reinforcement of the contention rim facing the rain season. This is an open site where paleontological vestiges are on the