"I Speak As I Please" New Sculpture By David Buckingham


NEW ORLEANS, LA.- Jonathan Ferrara Gallery presents “I Speak As I Please”, new sculpture by Los Angeles artist David Buckingham in his first solo exhibition in New Orleans. As a native New Orleanian, Buckingham will explore the profound effect that growing up in the city can have on both its citizens and on those whom – for various misfortunes – it has lost. David Buckingham will bring his unique brand of metal sculpture to New Orleans for the annual Art For Arts’ Sake opening of the New Orleans Arts season this October. His exhibition will feature his trademark sculptures of word phrases, movie lines and famous guns created from old, battered colorful metal reclaimed from race cars, trucks, hay balers, rice threshers, school buses and the like discovered in the High Mojave Desert. Of the new suite of works to be exhibited in New Orleans, Buckingham says: “You can’t be a Louisiana boy and grow up in