Hunterian Acquires Important Glasgow Style Candlestick and Expressionist Portrait


GLASGOW.- The Hunterian at the University of Glasgow has recently boosted its Mackintosh and Expressionist collections with help from the Art Fund and the National Fund for Acquisitions. The Hunterian is home to one of the finest university collections in the world and is one of Scotland’s most important cultural assets. It has now secured two important additions to this internationally renowned collection: a rare copper and enamel candlestick by Margaret and Frances Macdonald and a portrait by Expressionist painter, Marie-Louise von Motesiczky. The striking candlestick was designed and made by the Macdonald sisters in the mid 1890s. Measuring 45.8 cm in height, the rare item is composed of a round base, and a smaller circular drip tray, held together by two elongated stems. The copper is