Hundreds of British Arts Organizations Feel the Sting of Government’s Funding Cuts


LONDON (AP).- Hundreds of British arts organizations had their public funding slashed or eliminated Wednesday, the result of government spending cuts aimed at tackling the country’s deficit. The Arts Council England must cut 15 percent from the amount it gives to art, music, theater, dance, literature and other groups by 2015 — which still leaves it with almost 1 billion pounds ($1.6 billion) to hand out. The council said that instead of “salami slicing” — cutting 15 percent from everyone — it wanted to create a smaller but stronger portfolio of groups. So some have been cut off entirely, while others have seen their funding increase. “We have taken the brave path of strategic choices, not salami slices, which has meant some painful decisions,” said council chair Liz Forgan. The council had funded about 850 groups but that has shrunk to 695 — chosen from 1,330 applicants. More than 200 groups will now have their funding cut entirely from