Huipil Attributed to Malinche Included in New Exhibition at National Museum of Anthropology


MEXICO CITY.- Symbolism, use and presence of birds in ritual and daily life of contemporary indigenous cultures is displayed through more than 376 ethnographic pieces, among them, the huipil (dress) attributed to Malinche, at the exhibition “Wings of the Indigenous World”, which opened on May 9th 2011 at the National Museum of Anthropology (MNA). Diana Magaloni, director of the National Museum of Anthropology (MNA), explained that the second part of the exhibition “The Flight of Images” is an “ample and plural vision about art of indigenous cultures that represent the most important treasure of Mexico; an exhibition related to the link between the birds and these societies, and the use of feathers in objects, myths and rituals”. In this sense, the show presents art from 34 indigenous groups in Mexico, among them, Coras, Chichimecas, Raramuris, Totonacas, Tzeltales, Tzotziles, Yaquis and Zapotecas, informed Alejandro Gonzalez Villarruel, sub direct