Hot Dogs, Lobbies, Football and Ouagadougou at PDNB Gallery


DALLAS, TX.- For the beginning of our Fall season PDNB Gallery presents two exhibitions of different variety. The title, “Hot Dogs, Lobbies, Football and Ouagadougou” is puzzling. This group exhibition features 4 artists presenting a series of photographs specifically focused on one subject. Patty Carroll traveled across the country photographing the unique and funny hot dog stands that represent a truly American experience. Ira Wagner set out to document New York post-war residential buildings for the middle-class. The lobbies of these buildings are imaginative in a bizarre sense. Bill Kennedy has photographed Texas’ major sport arena, the high school football field. And finally, the mysterious name in the title, Ouagadougou, does not really give a clue. David Pace traveled to Africa and documentedone of the poorest countries, Burkina Faso, where the town of Ouagadougou resides. His subject, Kiosks. The thread t