Honor Fraser Gallery To Feature "Annie Lapin ~ The Pure Space Animate"

artwork: Annie Lapin - "The History or Hysterical Memory", 2010 - Oil and acrylic on canvas - 40" x 60". Image courtesy of the Honor Fraser Gallery, who will presenting 'Annie Lapin:The Pure Space Animate" in Los Angeles from May 21st until Jul 9th 2011.

Los Angeles.- Honor Fraser Gallery is pleased to present ‘Annie Lapin:The Pure Space Animate” in Los Angeles from May 21st until Jul 9th 2011. This will be Annie Lapin’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. In a new group of paintings on canvas, Lapin’s luscious, high-energy compositions comingle painterly conventions of representation with an obliterating gestural abstraction. Lapin refers to specters of realism that haunt the abstraction in these richly layered paintings. In The Pure Space Animate, there is less occasion for the multi-figure groups and enigmatic narratives of previous works, with further prominence shifted to the intensive formal activity. The coherent scenic space and figural focal points which remain are yet more densely encircled and perforated by painterly forces that counteract their legibility, leaving the viewing experience characteristically unstable.