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Hong Kong-Based Artist Simon Birch Challenges Established Paradigms in Art

HONG KONG.- Hong Kong-based artist Simon Birch has created Hope and Glory, one of the most ambitious multi-media art projects ever undertaken in Hong Kong. The unprecedented scale of the show, filling the 20,000sq ft ArtisTree exhibition space in TaiKoo Place, Island East through May 30th, challenges established paradigms in art presentation and construction while bringing the audience on a fascinating and immersive adventure through a metaphorical world – a conceptual circus – created by the artist. A series of interlinked multi-media installations transform the vast space into a mythological labyrinth, where cultural and personal histories merge, and generating questions of one’s own relationship with the past, the present and the future. Just as the archetypal circus brought together spectacular “sideshows” from all over the world to create a multi-sensory allegory of foreign adventure, Birch has brought together artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, pho