Homage to Yosl Bergner: Illustrations to Franz Kafka’s Oeuvre at Tal Aviv Museum of Art


TEL AVIV.- This exhibition, held to mark Yosl Bergner’s 90th birthday, includes drawings lent by the artist, which were made during the 1950s and document the first phase of his Kafka work. They depict scenes from the novels The Trial and The Castle and from the stories “The Judgement,” “The Metamorphosis,” “A Country Doctor” and “The New Advocate.” They are careful sketches, with a frenetic, vigorous line, expressing emotional turmoil. The exhibition is on display at the Tal Aviv Museum of Art. Despite the frugal depiction of facial features, resulting in a sense that these are “Everyman” representations, the images facing us in the exhibition are disquieting. Some are standing by a window, but it is unclear whether they are gazing out from inside, or gazing in from outside. There is a strong sense of wavering between inside and out, without wholly belonging. Many of the images are devoid of balance, tilted as if ab