Hitler’s Car Gift to Nepal King to Get a New Life


By: Gopal Sharma
KATHMANDU (REUTERS).- A car said to have been a gift from Adolf Hitler to a Nepali king will be repaired and used to drive visitors around the grounds of a palace museum, a government official said on Thursday. The 1939 Mercedes Benz was presented by the Nazi leader to King Tribhuvan, grandfather of Nepal’s last King Gyanendra, deposed two years ago. It has been stored at an old palace garage for more than five years, after being abandoned by an engineering college that had been using it for classes. Authorities said the doors, seats and bonnet were damaged. Mod Raj Dotel, a Ministry of Culture official, said the equivalent of $537,000 was being sought from the government to restore both the car and a chariot once used by King Tribhuvan. “The idea is to repair them so visitors can drive in the car and ride the royal chariot,” Dotel told Reuters. “This will be more attractive to visitors and will also give people a feel of the political change the country has un