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Historic Flag which Graced the Sky at President Mandela’s Inauguration for Sale

LONDON.- The South African flag signed by South Africa’s three most recent presidents – Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and F. W. de Klerk – which flew from a helicopter at the historic presidential inauguration on 10th May 1994, will be sold at Bonhams South African Art Sale in London on 24th March. This key moment in South Africa’s turbulent history, the arrival of the country’s first black president after more than three centuries of white rule, was a moment of national and international celebration, and some local apprehension at what the future would hold for Afrikaners. This historic flag is being sold with a certificate of authenticity signed by Nelson Mandela and dated 10/4/94. The massive flag measures155 x 230cm (61 x 90 9/16in) and is estimated to sell for £10,000-15,000.