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High Altitude: A Festival of Contemporary Mountain Photography in Switzerland

ROSSINIERE.- The mountain has been conducive to the affirmation of identities in Switzerland and elsewhere around the world. This theme has continued to fascinate artists since tours in the Alps by the painter Caspar Wolf in the 18th century. The mountainous landscape attracted the first generation of photographers in the 19th century, who managed to quickly produce extraordinary images. At the beginning of the 21st century, the mountain suddenly shows certain fragility as humans begin to infiltrate its environment. What remains of the myths associated with it ? Does the mountain still inspire artists today ? What perception does one have of the mountain when its inhabitants disappear and our references are more and more limited to the urban world ? After its initial success in 2008, the HIGH ALTITUDE festival of contemporary mountain photography raises the bar. From July to September, HIGH ALTITUDE will give you the opportunity to discover the works of forty