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Helly Nahmad Gallery Announces Claude Monet Retrospective Exhibition

Claude Monet - Canotiers à Argenteuil, 1874 - Oil on Canvas

LONDON.- This autumn Helly Nahmad Gallery presents
a retrospective exhibition by the acknowledged principal of the French
Impressionist school, Claude Monet.
Taking in his diverse styles from
the 1870s as he explored a wide range of subjects in all seasons and all types
of weather in his commitment to painting in front of his motif, to the
archetypal scenes of summer sunlight on the Seine at Argenteuil and the rural
town of Vétheuil. This chronological survey touches on the artist’s
trips to London and Venice and the series works he embarked on at the turn of
the century; depicting the essential character of these great cities enveloped
by the most atmospheric effects of dense smog or luminous light.