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Haus der Kunst Announces Exhibition of Sculptural Works and Installations

MUNICH.- Every day events that have the potential to become part of history take place. But who decides which event fulfils the potential to enter the historical canon? Whose history is told and by whom? In the exhibition “Golden Times” four artists – Steven Claydon, Diango Hernández, Mai-Thu Perret and Sung Hwan Kim – examine the complexity of history in their own ways. As different as their works are, these artists regard history as elastic, nonlinear or fragmentary. Personal experience, narration, authorship, authenticity, time lags, historical facts, references and representation – all these aspects play a central role here. For the artists in this exhibition history is always a question of interpretation, narration and fiction – just as historical golden ages are often idealized and almost mythical in character. The first part of ’Golden Times’ exhibits sculptural works and installations by Steven Claydon, Diango Hernández and Mai-Thu Perret i