Haunch of Venizon Presents Four Separate Projects by Four Artists


NEW YORK, NY.- Haunch of Venison presents four separate projects by artists Doug Argue, Bill Fontana, Alexandra Grant, and Les Rogers in New York from July 7th to August 28th. Each of the four artists will present an individual project in separate areas within the gallery’s 17,000 sq ft space. “The physical layout of the gallery lends itself to separate installations within the space so we invited these artists to create dynamic self-contained installations,” said Director Emilio Steinberger, “Only one of the artists exhibiting, Bill Fontana, is currently represented by Haunch of Venison. We felt that this was a wonderful opportunity to step out of our comfort zone.” In the two south galleries Bill Fontana will exhibit Harmonic Bridge Cable Study 1, a sound sculpture which explores the musicality of sounds hidden within the London Millennium Foot Bridge, a structure that is alive with vibrations from footsteps, loa