Haunch of Venison presents the UK premiere of Katie Paterson’s project 100 Billion Suns


LONDON.- Haunch of Venison London presents a solo exhibition of Scottish artist Katie Paterson and the UK premiere of her project 100 Billion Suns. Katie Paterson strives to communicate unimaginably large or distant occurrences in nature or the universe, transforming them through the medium of everyday objects or materials and reducing them to a human scale. Her projects make use of sophisticated technologies, from satellites to telescopes, and specialist expertise of a range of scientists to stage intimate, poetic and philosophical engagements with nature,ecology, geology and cosmology. This exhibition – launching Haunch of Venison’s new gallery space in Fitzrovia -presents a selection of recent projects including Ancient Darkness TV, 2009, The Dying Star Letters, 2010 and 100 Billion Suns, 2011. This exhibition is the first UK presentation