Hanart TZ Gallery shows New Paintings by Wei Dong

artwork: Wei Dong - "Democracy #1", 2010 - Acrylic on Canvas - 56 x 71 cm. Courtesy Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong. On view in “A Nowhere Body: New Paintings by Wei Dong” until March 10th.

Hong Kong.- Hanart TZ Gallery is proud to present Wei Dong in his solo exhibition “A Nowhere Body: New Paintings by Wei Dong” on view at the gallery through March 10th. Talking of the exhibition, Wei Dong says: “One of my earliest childhood memories was my first trip on a train, sometime during the 1970s. It was already dark when we set out. We were surrounded by a tightly packed, noisy crowd, which quieted down after midnight. Cradling my head on her lap, mother held me and soothed me to sleep. I closed my eyes, listening to the rhythmical murmur of the wheels. I do not know how much time had passed. I awoke, and realized I had fallen asleep. The seated passengers in the darkened train looked like clay statues in a temple. I didn’t know where I was. The sense of foreignness terrified me. I felt helpless. Seized by panic, I thought for a moment I was still dreaming.  I paused, losing any sense of time. At last, I realized that I was on a train. I got up and looked for my mother, whom I found sitting across from me, fast asleep, leaning on my father. I whispered to her and she took me into her arms.