Group Show Investigates Themes of Surveillance Society at Aubin Gallery


LONDON.- A group show investigating themes of surveillance society curated by Fieldgate Gallery. “…we are reduced to an atomized pseudo-community of consumers, our sensibilities dulled by spectacle and repetition.” Grant Kester ‘Conversation Pieces: Community and Community in Modern Art (2004)’ It appears everybody is watching, or being watched, or wants to be watched. Whether it is reality TV, CCTV, YouTube, there is a sense that life, however banal, is increasingly out there, somewhere else, deferred. As Guy Debord states in Society of the Spectacle; ‘this society which eliminates geographical distance reproduces distance internally as spectacular separation.’ Domestically, as this form of escapism becomes increasingly ocular, pleasure has become voyeuristic, while escapism itself is now an aspiration to a state of being, further increasing our sense of displacement and separation. Smoke on the Water is the title