Group show at Mackintosh Museum explores contemporary figurative painting


GLASGOW.- How can a contemporary artist give a voice or fresh perspective to the established canon of figurative painting? Why do artists choose to give a voice to the characters they create? ‘To have a voice’ explores a variety of approaches. The female protagonists of Moyna Flannigan’s paintings rise warrior-like out of the canvas, expressing character and intent with an economy of brush stroke. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Hernan Bas creates detailed and vibrant settings for his youths to inhabit. Chantal Joffe, a GSA graduate, paints mostly women and girls, seeing it her role to question assumptions about what makes a noble subject for art. Israeli artist Gideon Rubin wishes to offer alternative ways to view the figure – in his ongoing series of portraits all recognisable facial features are removed. A painting installation by Portuguese artist Bruno Pacheco offers