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Group Exhibition Gimme Shelter Opens at Mixed Greens

NEW YORK, NY.- Mixed Greens presents the group exhibition Gimme Shelter. While shelter is traditionally defined as a structure that provides protection, these seventeen artists present a more complex, multifaceted understanding of the concept. More specifically, the works in this show investigate the delicate balance of perception: whether a space is inviting or uninhabitable, comforting or crumbling, being constructed or consumed. Most traditional are the artists who represent a place of sanctuary or refuge. Kevin Cyr’s Camper Kart, for instance, is the fully habitable fusion of a shopping cart and a small camper tent. What is unclear, however, is whether or not the sculpture is meant to be a safe haven for a future worst-case scenario, or if it represents an immediate survival strategy. Less obvious, but equally direct, are Lisa Ross’ photographs of spiritual structures in Northwest China and Jonathan Durham&#146