Google Offers Virtual Tours of 17 of the Top Museums Using Street View Technology


LONDON (REUTERS).- Google aims to bring the world’s great art galleries into the home with a new website that offers virtual tours using Street View technology, the ability to build private collections and ultra-high resolution images. While most big galleries have been busy making their works accessible online for years, experts told a launch at London’s Tate Britain gallery on Tuesday that Google’s site was looking to take the online art experience to a new level. “It could be the game changer,” said Julian Raby of the Freer Gallery of Art, part of the Smithsonian in Washington DC, which is one of 17 galleries taking part in the project. Nelson Mattos, VP Engineering at Google, said the Art Project site would allow children from Latin America, India and Africa, who were unlikely to see the originals, to come close to the experience on the internet. “This really represents a major step forward in the way people are