Gl Holtegaard Presents A New Generation of Artists Who Have All Discovered The Magic of Clay


HOLTE.- Ceramics as an artistic medium is once more making an impact on the international art scene. All over the world, artists are breathing new life into this many thousand-year-old material, creating works that range from well-known everyday cups and plates to the most grotesque forms of the fairytale. Gl Holtegaard, with its exhibition, on view from The Magic of Clay – Ceramics in contemporary art, checks the pulse of ceramics in new art. The exhibition is on view from March 25 through July 3, 2011. Most people know the magical fascination of a lump of wet clay. Once the first imprint of a finger has been left on it, the creative process is underway and the clay has begun its transformation from a raw material into a finished form. For thousands of years, clay has entranced artists all over the world.