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Gilbert & George Present First Major Exhibition in Spain After 10 Year Absence

MALAGA.- The Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga presents Gilbert & George’s first major exhibition in Spain after a ten-year absence. Jack Freak Pictures, the duo’s most extensive and ambitious series to date, will travel to six European countries, starting with Spain, where Málaga will be the first city to present this impressive selection. Race, religion, sexuality and criticism of the British establishment are the core themes that this new exhibition explores, whilst the dominant elements are the red, white and blue, the colours of the Union Jack. In their latest production, Jack Freak Pictures, Gilbert & George, a duo of artists whose appearance is that of two serious, conservative gentlemen, have chosen to focus on the flag of the United Kingdom, the Union Jack, symbol of Britain and of the British Empire. Jack Freak Pictures features 62 works that question social values through ironic provocation and