Gianni Jetzer Selected as the New Curator for Art Unlimited


BASEL.- Art Basel announced that Gianni Jetzer, Director and Chief Curator of the Swiss Institute Contemporary Art in New York, will be the new curator for Art Unlimited, starting with the 2012 edition of the show, Art 43 Basel. Jetzer succeeds Simon Lamunière, curator of Art Unlimited since its debut in 2000, who placed his imprimatur on the sector and on its position in the cultural landscape during the 12 editions that he worked on the exhibition. Lamunière’s next show is ‘The Neon Parallax,’ a major public art project in Geneva scheduled for April 2012. Gianni Jetzer is the Director of the Swiss Institute Contemporary Art in New York where he has staged numerous shows since 2006. He has curated extensively, both internationally as a freelance curator and in Switzerland thorough his former posts as Director of the Kunsthalle St Gallen and as curator at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich. Launched in 2000, Art Un