Getty Museum Displays Photographs of Cuba Before, During, and After the Revolution

artwork: Alex Harris - Sol and Cuba, Old Havana, Looking North from Alberto Roja's, 1951 Plymouth, Havana, negative May 23, 1998; Chromogenic print, 76.5 x 95.9 cm. (30 1/8 x 37 3/4 in.) - © Alex Harris. The J. Paul Getty Museum - Gift of Michael and Jane Wilson, Wilson Centre for Photography.

Cuba’s attempt to forge an independent state with an ambitious set of social goals, all the while moored to powerful political and economic interests, has been a source of fascination for nations, intellectuals, and artists alike. On display at the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Center, May 17—October 2, 2011, A Revolutionary Project: Cuba from Walker Evans to Now, looks at three critical periods in the island nation’s history as witnessed by photographers before, during, and after the country’s 1959 Revolution.