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German Artist Nicola Dill’s Sea Etchings Extended at Rose Gallery

SANTA MONICA, CA.- German artist Nicola Dill’s Sea Etchings series is reminiscent of gesture drawings or the brush strokes found in East-Asian calligraphy. They are actually photographs of surf grass washed up on sandy shorelines of the Pacific. An installation of the work is on view at RoseGallery at the Bergamot Station Arts Complex in Santa Monica for an extended run in the South Gallery through September 17, 2011. The Sea Etchings were recently published by Nazraeli Press in an exquisite limited-edition artist’s monograph comprising in Dill’s words “an installation of images that float across the pages akin to notes of a melody collaborating in a moving meditation.” The work is informed by the artist’s longtime practice of t’ai chi, infusing it with a contemplative and rhythmical aesthetic. Un-staged and recorded in-camera, these “found” compositions are gestures in patience and time as the artist waits for the sea an