‘George Condon: Mental States’ at the New Museum in New York

artwork: George Condo - "The Cloudmaker", 1984 - Oil on canvas - 26" x 32". Collection of and © George Condo. On view at the New Museum in New York as part of "George Condo: Mental States" until 15th May 2011.

New York, NY – In conjunction with the Hayward Gallery in London, the New Museum in New York presents “George Condo: Mental States” until 15th May 2011. The exhibition is the first conceptual survey of twenty five years of work by the American artist George Condo. Concentrating on painting, but including sculpture as well, the exhibition will offer a comprehensive survey of a career that has been innovative in his assimilation and appropriation of elements of the greatest Western artists of the past five hundred years, from Velasquez to Picasso to Arshile Gorky. Condo’s career has been most prolific as a portraitist, but one who has devised a wholly unique way to interpret this genre. Beginning in the mid 1980s he developed the idea of “artificial realism” an idea that spawned a race of entirely imagined entities. Conventionally, a portrait depicts a individual who exists, or once existed. Condo’s portraits do not. Painted with a highly detailed naturalism that gives old masterish attention to every detail of figure, costume and attribute, Condo’s portraits remain recognizable as types, butlers, businessmen, saints or cleaning ladies, despite their often fantastic, or humorously grotesque features.