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Gasworks Presents the First Solo Exhibition in a London Public Gallery by Tim Etchells

LONDON.- Gasworks presents the first solo exhibition in a London public gallery by Tim Etchells. Bringing together two works previously unseen in the UK, the exhibition focuses on language and interpretation. Showing an attempt to translate the specialised language of art into appetising edibles for the public, Art Flavours (2008) explores the potential and limitations of communication between different discourses and cultural frames. Initially developed for Manifesta 7 in Italy, the starting point of the work was a meeting between the Italian critic and curator Roberto Pinto and the ice cream maker Osvaldo Castellari. Entrusted by Etchells, Pinto summarised four categories relevant to contemporary art practice: ‘the body’, ‘memory’, ‘spectacle’ and ‘the archive’. In turn, Castellari’s role was to translate these concepts into four ice cream flavours. The video recording of the discussion between the curator and the ice crea