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Gary Snyder/Project Space shows Janet Sobel who influenced Jackson Pollack

Janet Sobel - "Three Vases", c. 1943 - enamel on canvas, 24 x 36 inches - Courtesy: Gary Snyder/Project Space, NY

Snyder/Project Spaceis showing a
one-person exhibition of drip paintings and works on paper by Janet Sobel (1894
– 1968). She is best known as the self-taught artist whose drip paintings of the
early 1940s influenced Jackson Pollock.
Her work has been acclaimed
both in the “high” art world of Abstract Expressionism and in the “Outsider” or
“Folk Art” world of self-taught artists.Sobel was born in 1894 in the Ukraine,
emigrated to New York in 1908, and married and raised a family of five children
before becoming “one of America’s most talked about surrealist painters…”
Completely untrained, Sobel first painted in 1937 at the age of 43. On
exhibition through 27 February, 2010.