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Gallery Bergelli displays John McNamara’s Painted Collages

artwork: John McNamara - "The Suitors" - Oil on panel - 20" x 30" - Courtesy Gallery Bergelli, Larkspur, CA. On view in "John McNamara: A Survey of Paintings"

Larkspur, California.- Gallery Bergelli is pleased to present “John McNamara: A Survey of Paintings”, on view at the gallery. John McNamara makes surrealist photo-collages and then slowly covers with them with a layer of oil paint, mixing not only figuration and abstraction, but also raising questions about representation in the way that many photographers of constructed realities are also doing, writes DeWitt Cheng in a catalog essay accompanying the exhibition. For John McNamara collage is a time machine of sorts. The painted skin on top jettisons the photo document into the world of painting; but these people, places and things still speak from underneath the painted skin. Photography’s frozen moment is resurrected into a sustained romantic presence.