Galerie Max Hetzler Presents a Small Retrospective of Major British Artist Bridget Riley


BERLIN.- Galerie Max Hetzler presents a small retrospective of this major British artist’s work with a special focus on works from the last three decades, which includes studies, paintings and wall paintings. Almost ‘drawing with colour’, her work from the past ten years focuses more specifically on the effects produced by the juxtaposition of colour, believing that ‘the challenge of colour had to be met on its own terms’. Throughout her writings, Riley emphasises the importance of ‘looking’ when in front of paintings or in nature. Yet, as Adrian Searle, art critic of the Guardian, points out, ‘you don’t so much look at her paintings as watch them’, the colours, the shapes, the negative spaces constantly shift before your eyes. ‘At their best, her works seem alive.’ Riley is curating the exhibition and has selected a number of paintings never exhibited in Germany before, as well as loans from privat