Galerie Heinz-Martin Weigand Presents Mona Breede’s Photographs

artwork: Mona Breede - "Last Entrance", 2011 - SW Fine Art Print - 120 x 140 cm. - Edition of 3 - Courtesy of Galerie Heinz-Martin Weigand. On view in "Mona Breede: How Long is Now" from September 24th until November 26th.

Ettlingen, Germany.- Galerie Heinz-Martin Weigand is pleased to present “Mona Breede: How Long is Now” on view at the gallery from September 24th through November 26th. In her early works, Mona Breede often chose public spaces that were artworks in their own right. She watched how human beings moved, how they reacted to each other and to the surrounding space. Today she is mostly interested in people and places. As a photographer, Mona Breede has a keen and sensitive eye. Her works, being so expressive, interpret the reality and put their mark on it.