Galerie Ficher-Rohr Presents Kunst=kapital:Joseph Beuys, Manfred Leve, Manuela Covini


BASEL.- The Galerie Ficher-Rohr presents an exhibition with the concept Art=Capital or Kunst=kapital, which features works by Joseph Beuys, Manfred Leve, Manuela Covini, on view from June 13th – July 20th- 2011. In the all-encompassing utopia of a transformation of society based on an expanded definition of art, which from the late 1950s he called “Projekt Westmensch” (Western Man Project), Beuys touched upon every area of social affairs. The notion of human beings as artists inevitably included all their creative potentials, especially production in the general sense and the economy as a whole. At the center of his considerations on economics stood the concept of capital as defined by Karl Marx in his eponymous major work of 1867. In the 1960s-70s, the Marxist theory of class struggle was the most popular revolutionary idea in the anticapitalist student movements in France and Germany. Beuys, in contrast, adv