Galerie Anita Beckers Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Jürgen Klauke Exhibition


FRANKFURT.- 20 years after the foundation of Galerie Anita Beckers, the gallery opens its new show with Juergen Klauke. Starting as a publishing house, Anita Beckers carried editions by renowned artists such as Juergen Klauke, Guillaume Bijl, Wim Delvoye, Thomas Huber and Urs Lüthi. Later, this edition gallery resulted in an art gallery which is based in Frankfurt since 1998. We are celebrating this special anniversary with an exhibition by Jürgen Klauke, one of the most important performance, photo and media artists in Germany . As a pioneer of body art he has not only written history but also a discourse on identity which provided a visual-mental basis since the seventies. The films produced during that time have lost none of their actuality. On the contrary, they continuously stand for the political state of affairs of our society and as an artistic role model for subsequent generations. Galerie Anita Beckers is plea