Galería Pilar Serra opens Pablo Genovés’ first individual show at the gallery


MADRID.- Following “Precipitados” (Precipitates), Pablo Genovés’ first individual show in the Galería Pilar Serra, now presents Cronología del ruido (Noise Chronology), an exhibition in which he returns to his particular process of re-signification of symbolic spaces of western culture from the combination of media and signs, and his liking for contrast and the unexpected. “Is renovation possible when catastrophe rises up before us as the natural and eternal state of things? In the images of Pablo Genovés, destruction transgresses the laws of time and establishes its own chronology. The symbols and fictions of our culture apparently succumb in the face of the irruption of the untameable: mechanical natures, monumental in their disproportion and now out of all control. But hiding behind this aggression is a secret pact of compromise. The pre-existing and its end are offered each aware of the other, in