Galería MÜ Presents Surreal Photographs by Kahn & Selesnick and Carolina Montejo

artwork: Carolina Montejo - "Tribute to Women's Retrospective Bust - Part 2", 2011 - Digital giclee on canvas - 40 x 40 cm. Edition of 5 -  Courtesy Galería MÜ, Bogota. On view in "Sueños Salados (Salt Dreams)".

Bogota, Colombia.- Galería MÜ, the first gallery in Colombia dedicated solely to photography is proud to present its fifth exhibition, “Sueños Salados (Salt Dreams)”. The exhibit presents Kahn & Selesnick and Carolina Montejo, contemporary artists whose work explores imaginative and surreal environments within the photographic medium. “Salt Dreams”. The imagination, subconscious, and mythology have been almost inseparable since the beginning of man. Their coexistence has produced stories, images, and social and political revolutions that have defined the way that we visualize the intangible and surreal. Within the history of photography, the presentation of the real was of the utmost importance.