Gagosian Gallery Paris Presents "Rodin – Sugimoto," an Exhibition of Sculpture and Photography


PARIS.- Gagosian Gallery Paris presents “Rodin – Sugimoto,” an exhibition of sculpture and photography, on view from February 11 through March 25, 2011. Auguste Rodin brought monumental public sculpture forward into the modern era. Although educated in the academic traditions and idealized subjects of classical and Renaissance sculpture, he embraced truth to nature as his artistic credo. His uncanny ability to imbue inert substances with movement and feeling reveals the idiosyncrasies and psychological depths of the human subjects that he portrayed. His agile use of form and the bravura of his modeling in pursuit of turbulent, light-catching surfaces have established him as one of the progenitors of modern sculpture. Three monumental sculptures spanning the last thirty years of Rodin’s career represent the force and vigor of his approach, which emphasized the quality of flesh while suggesting emotion thro