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Fundación Juan March Hosts A Major Wyndham Lewis Exhibition

Wyndham Lewis - A Battery Shelled (1919) - Oil on canvas - Private Collection

MADRID.- Wyndham Lewis could be described as a
“single-handed avant-garde movement”. An accomplished artist, Lewis found An
accomplished ed Vorticism, the only English avant-garde movement, and was the
author of more than 50 books.
In addition he issued manifestoes, edited
and published journals and was responsible for a fascinating and strikingly
varied body of work that runs from his vorticist, Cubo-futurist and abstract
compositions to his most refined portraits. A pioneer of abstraction, war
artist, major portraitist, novelist, essayist, editor and critic,
Wyndham Lewis is one of the key figures in European modernism of the
first half of the 20th century.