Fry Art Gallery Buys Ravilious Watercolour with Art Fund Help


LONDON.- A striking watercolour by Eric Ravilious has been purchased by the Fry Art Gallery with the help of the Art Fund. Entitled Caravans, the work depicts the artist’s temporary home and studio during the early 1930s. This is the first time the painting has changed hands since it was sold by the artist in 1936. The Art Fund gave a substantial grant to help the Fry Art Gallery acquire the work. The watercolour shows the two caravans where the artist lived and worked at the peak of his career, offering an insight into his attachment to the landscape of Sussex. The painting has the mysterious, almost supernatural quality of many of Ravilious’ watercolours. Cool greens, dark browns and greys contrast with the lighter features of the landscape. A path leads the viewer’s gaze from the foreground of the painting past the two caravans which are starkly silhouetted on top of a hill in the distance. The wintry lands