From Whimsical to Wacky Rare Pens Take Center Stage at 10th Annual NYC Pen Show


NEW YORK, NY.- Fine and Vintage pen aficionados will be treated to an unparalleled collecting opportunity at this October’s NYC Pen Show. Now in its tenth year and boasting nearly 100 international exhibitors the event includes several educational programs and special exhibits. With a focus on dealers rather than large manufacturers this intimate convention gives attendees the ability to acquire unique pens from hard-to-find specialty makers and in some cases allows people to meet the pen artists responsible for these fantastic creations. The event also offers those interested in vintage writing instruments the opportunity to get tips on building their own collections and obtain rare, antique pieces directly from prominent collectors. Amongst the most highly anticipated exhibitors this year will be pieces by award winning pen-turner Barry Gross. Incorporating recycled objects, such as watch parts and bottle caps, or